A Boise woman is dead after police sifted through evidence of a knife, a gun, and a possible hate crime.  IdahoNews.com reports on a tragedy that took place in Portland, Oregon on May 21st, 2018.  What happened that night where two friends ended up going head to head with a knife and a gun and one ended up dead?

A grand jury says it was not murder.  Sophia Adler shot her friend, Gigi Pierce, a transgender woman who grew up in Boise, Idaho in the face after she was threatened with a knife.  Investigators say there was absolutely no hate crime involved and this was simply a case of self-defense.

The two women had known each other for years and although we do not know the details of what happened that night we do know that in court, relatives of the deceased told Adler to get help with her drug addiction and mental health issues.

In any regard, someone is dead and lives have been affected.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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