Treasure Valley you are incredible! You helped us raise more money than we ever have before by a long shot!

I have never been so proud to live in this community. We asked for your help in saving kids lives and you answered in a big way.

We may say that becoming a St. Jude "Partner in Hope" no big deal. It's only $20 a month, .67 cents a day, but in the end it is a HUGE deal!!

So many of you showed your love for the local kids in our community battling cancer. 12 year old Krew in Middleton and 11 year old Jack in Star and you honored little Candice who lost her battle with cancer at just 2 1/2.

You proved that every dollar adds up and makes a difference. You showed continual commitment to this very important cause and your love paid off in a very big way.

Last year we raised just over $65,000 for St. Jude. This year we felt we had a lofty goal of raising $75,000 and YOU smashed that goal!!

Someday I have confidence that there will be a true cure for cancer. That this horrific disease will no longer exist and YOU can say that you were a part of saving lives and finding that cure.

We love you. Every single one of you. You are part of our WOW family and we will never ever forget your incredible gift of kindness.