Come for the good deals, stay for the shoplifting and battery calls!

When you walk into a Treasure Valley Walmart, you can expect quality prices on just about everything. You might also expect some long lines and busy parking lots. According to a new study, you should also expect a ton of calls to police from within the store.

Our friend Morgan Boydston did some investigating, and some of the numbers are downright flabbergasting. It goes beyond simple shoplifting calls as well. We're talking fights, drug charges, gun charges, it's all over the place. Here's how many 911 calls came from local Walmart stores in 2017:

  • Nampa stores: 900+ calls
  • Boise stores: 571 calls
  • Garden City stores: 310 calls
  • Meridian stores: 540 calls

Why Walmart? Why has the big box retailer become a beacon for crime? Luke Cavener from Meridian City Council explains:

The nature of bringing lots of people together to a confined space, it's inevitable that crime is going to follow.

You can see more results from the study here.


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