Two lanes shut down on I-84 in Boise because of a 3-car crash and two of the vehicles flipped causing severe damage.


The crash happened just after 12:30 this afternoon near Cloverdale Road.  As you can imagine, traffic was backed up for miles and it stayed that way for a good three hours.


This crash occurred because of one vehicle trying to pass another.  Here's a quote from Idaho State Police Trooper Michael Kish...

When it tried to overtake one of the other vehicles, it clipped one of the other vehicles, which then sent them into  a third vehicle


Two passenger cars ended up flipping in the crash and landing overturned on the side of the freeway.  The third vehicle involved was a truck that was able to pull over after the incident.  All 5 people in the three different vehicles survived.  One of the drivers was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.  Most crashes this severe end up with major or fatal injuries so these five are very fortunate.