Last week the show recommended movies for each other in the forced movie segment. The movies picked included classics like 'Steel Magnolias' and '8 Mile' as well as newcomer movies 'Parasite,' and 'Black Panther,' plus an oddball 'Box Of Moonlight.' So far, two of the movies have been watched.

Morgan2 had to watch Amy's pick of 'Steel Magnolias.' The review was overwhelmingly good, Morgan2 said she really liked the film especially because it had Dolly Parton and Julia Roberts in it. Though she confessed she had a love/hate relationship with the movie because it made her cry, especially after the loss of her grandmother earlier this year. She gave it 4.5/5 Shelbys.

Lunchbox had to watch Morgan2's pick of 'Black Panther.' The movie had a rating of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and is a popular one in the Marvel movies. Despite it's popularity, Lunchbox didn't really like the movie. He says he was confused at first and didn't think it had enough action. He even called Morgan2 during the movie and asked if he missed something because he was confused. Ultimately, he gave the movie 2.5/5 Wakandas.