The snow keeps melting, rain keeps coming, and flooding conditions get worse and worse with every day.


Right now the Boise River flow is being maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers which is probably a good thing because flows are expected to increase dramatically on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


Crews are working frantically on a 4,300 foot long temporary levee near Eagle Island that'll protect a gravel pit.  The temporary levee is supposed to keep higher water out of the gravel pit but the ground around the pit will most likely fail and wash away with the flood.  The fear is for residential roads including Eagle road getting overwhelmed with the flood and eventually covered in water.


The Ada County Public Information Office is warning each and every resident close to the Boise River to be prepared for an emergency evacuation.  Everyone living in these areas should have some kind of plan in place.  Neighbors and family members need to look out for the elderly, pets, and livestock.


All but 11 miles of the Greenbelt have been closed or are completely under water so officials are asking the public to please obey all Greenbelt closures.