No one ever expects to go like this.


It's crazy how tragedy seems to hit some families harder than others. As the good old saying goes, "life isn't always fair" but this seems ridiculously unfair.


41 year old Samantha Ramsey was struck by lightening and killed over the weekend while hiking in the Swiss Alps. This story alone is gut-wrenching when you know she has two sons at home ages 12 and 9, but it gets even worse. Samantha buried her husband, the father of her children just one year ago after a long battle with brain cancer. This weekends tragedy now leaves the young boys without a mother or father.


Those close to Samantha say she was a skilled hiker and a true adventurer, mountaineer, and athlete.


According to KTVB, Samantha was an assistant professor of nutrition. Our thoughts and prayers are especially with her two young sons and with everyone who knew and loved her.