I think most of us have looked up when driving down the freeway wondering what would I do if that bridge came tumbling down right when I'm underneath?  This nightmare became a reality for way too many people driving underneath 950 tons that came crashing down at Florida International University this morning.

According to MSN at least eight people have been transported to the hospital but we have no information on how many fatalities there are and emergency personnel along with sniffer dogs are searching for life and/or bodies as we speak.

Reports from the Florida Highway Patrol say that several people are dead.  We can only hold our breath right now that the number of deceased stays as low as possible and of course all of our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim's families.

Media, camera crews and helicopters were asked to leave at one point so that rescuers could listen for any faint noises survivors might be making.  Again, all of us are praying for those affected by this tragedy.

Bridge Collapse

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