Mark Ruffalo plays twins in HBO's limited series I Know This Much Is True and shared that he went all in to play each of the twins. While shooting scenes as one of the twins, writer and Director Derek Cianfrance told The Wrap that he probably did 500 pushups a day. Ruffalo's diet included 1,000 calories a day in order to lose 20 pounds for the role.

Because of the story, Bobby Bones decided to challenge The Bobby Bones Show crew to do 500 pushups a day for a week. If anyone was able to accomplish it, he would donate to charity in honor of them. Bobby, AmyLunchboxEddieRaymundo, and Morgan all agreed to attempt the challenge and it started on Thursday, June 18th.

Bobby, Morgan, and Raymundo were all able to accomplish 500 push-ups in one day. Amy didn't do any, Lunchbox only did 30 push-ups, and Eddie made it to 320 push-ups when he decided to give up. Bobby gave Eddie one more chance to get 500 in a day since he was so close. Since 4 of the people on the show made it to the next day, Bobby donated $80 to Building Homes For Heroes, the house we're building with them for Army Sergeant Kristopher Biggs.

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