Love ice cream, but can't can't have dairy? UGGGHHH It would be so hard to deal with that during those hot summer months that will grace the Treasure Valley very VERY soon. Luckily for you, a new business is bringing yummy icy treats that are not only dairy free but vegan free too!  Trailhead Artisan Italian Ice is opening up four locations in May! According to the Idaho Statesman, co-owner Deidre Zobel says the treats are "kind of a gelato of snow cones. It has that thicker texture that people really like." The stands will stay open from May - September.

Here are the locations and their opening dates:

BOISE - 1522 W. State St. (MAY 1)

BOISE - 9105 W. Overland Road in Boise by mid-May (MID - MAY)


GARDEN CITY - 4925 N. Glenwood St. (near the Revolution Center) (MAY 1)

EAGLE -  Eagle Sports Complex at 12000 Horseshoe Bend Road. (MAY 1)

I'm pretty excited to try out these yummy treats, especially now that it's warming up. You'll have a choice of three sizes: small ($3), large ($4) and baseball helmet ($6). The flavors sound on point too: mango, pina colada, strawberry lemonade mixed with cherry.

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