The Treasure Valley had people there.  People that became heroes, were injured, and people that told us exactly what happened from deep within the trenches of all the tragedy.  Here's their stories.

The first thing Rick and Carly did when waking to the horrific news of what had happened was to reach out to the two couples they sent.  Both ended up very shaken but safe.  Their account of what happened is chilling.  Listen below.


Another couple from Meridian, Becky and Marvin Webb were also at the concert and were soon found safely.  Josh Hammond from Emmett wasn't so lucky but he feels lucky enough.  He was one of the 500 plus that were injured but escaped with his life and is now healing from a gunshot wound to the knee.  You can read his story below.


Boise's own Nick Vlamis is a hero on a night that needed so many heroes.  Nick jumped into the dangerous shooting over and over again pulling people underneath the stage for safety.  His story is below.


We, here at WOW COUNTRY 104.3 halted our Rick and Carly's Cash Code contest where we give away up to $5,000 a day and decided to donate all of that money to the victims of Las Vegas.  The Treasure Valley has stepped up and been donating as well.  Donating money, blood, their time and efforts... being a country concert, we all feel a little like we were there.  Because who of us hasn't been to one of these shows, having a good time, dancing, laughing, and loving the moment?  In a small way we were all there.  We're still there.  And the grief is there too.  It'll take us some time to get past this.


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