Do you start your car or truck and let it warm up in the driveway? Not a good idea!

Boise PD just arrested a man and a woman who spotted a truck idling in a drive way and no one was around. The two thought it would be a good idea to just....take it. So they did.

The guy that actually owned the truck saw the two get into it and drive away. He reported it and a few moments later the truck was spotted by a Boise Police Officer on patrol. He called in back-up and the officers found the truck abandoned, but were able to apprehend the suspects on foot nearby.

The two were also in possession of a stolen credit or debit card of some kind. Both had warrants for their arrest, and were taken into custody and booked into the Ada County Jail.

The Boise PD has these tips if you want to warm up your car or truck:

1)      Get a second key or key fob, so you can lock your doors while it is warming.

2)      Install a remote starter, so you can start your vehicle while still inside, so the car remains locked.

3)      Plan a few additional minutes into your schedule for warming your car and clearing the windows.

4)      Bundle up and sit in your car.

5)      Buy a windshield scraper and scrape your windows instead of letting the car defrost them.

Bottom line appears to be - don't start your vehicle to warm it up and leave it unlocked. You might as well put a sign on it that says "Here I am! Steal me!"

Source: Boise PD

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