During The Bobby Bones Show one day, Raymundo told the show cast that he could easily run over 20 miles per hour (MPH). However, no one on the show believed him. Because of that, Bobby Bones decided to challenge him.

Bones decided to take it down a few notches since no one can probably hit 20 miles per hour unless they're already a pro athlete. So Bones proposed that Raymundo has to hit 18 MPH and if he doesn't he would have to put on a dress and film a video of him singing "It's Raining Men." If he could hit 18 MPH then Bones would give him some money. So today (May 5), Raymundo ran along side Producer Scuba Steve's truck to see if he could hit 18 MPH.

Turns out Raymundo can actually run 18 MPH, in fact he ran 19 MPH alongside Scuba Steve's truck! Raymundo won his challenge and now he doesn't have to sing in a dress.

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