What's not to love about summer in the Treasure Valley? The sun's out, school's out, and there are SO many activities you can enjoy here locally.

While it's always great to float the Boise River or go for a bike ride along the Greenbelt, more often than not, we want to relax indoors and stay out of the heat (and crowds)! So what's there to do? The answers we've heard most frequently from our listeners is staying inside playing video games and/or going out to check out the new (amazing) virtual reality locations that are popping up throughout the Treasure Valley.

Deciding what kind of a person you're most like? Take the quiz below! Not only will you find out a bit more about yourself, but you may gain some inspiration on how to enjoy these summer days! We found out we're fans of both, but we prefer being active in more social settings. Did we mention, virtual reality locations are great spots to drop off the kids for a few hours!?! :P

Let us know what your results are on our Facebook page!

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