A critical error has brought the wrong attention to Vista Pawn in Boise this week. Here's what they say happened. 

I'm not sure how this error was made. How did someone not notice the inappropriate combination of words? It wasn't until the public brought it up to the management of Vista Pawn that they decided to revamp their sign that combines a "back to school sale with a 20% discount on shotgun's." With all of the school shootings we've had in this country over the last couple years, it's a mistake that just can't be made, but it was.

Vista Pawn did release a statement that says

Hi everyone, we wanted to address an issue with one of our stores' signs today. There was a bit of a miscommunication regarding what was supposed to be displayed and unfortunately, what ultimately made it up was insensitive in nature.

We can assure you that no one on our staff did this intentionally or as a "joke." It was a mistake on our part and was rectified as soon as we were made aware of the problem. (We appreciate those of you who brought it to our attention!)

We'd also like to apologize if the sign offended you. That in no way was our intention. Thank you.