Everyday Lunchbox shares a "Bonehead Story of the Day" to give us all a laugh on The Bobby Bones Show. The boneheads feature people all across the country that are getting in trouble for ridiculous things. So we decided to give listeners a recap at the end of the week and let them vote on the biggest bonehead of the entire week.

Listen to this week's stories from Lunchbox above or read them below... then vote!

Monday's Bonehead:

Ohio: A man stuck in his apartment self-quarantined, was kinda bored…looked at a toilet paper roll and wondered how long it would take to burn…he set it on fire and then his bathroom caught on fire. He was found in his apartment with a bottle of vodka…and was arrested.

Tuesday's Bonehead:

England: 35-year-old wanted for failure to appear in court. So police go to his house, he ran off, they couldn’t find him…then they hear a FART from the bushes…he was arrested…man, that stinks.

Wednesday's Bonehead:

Kingsport, TN: Two men out for a night of fun, drinking at Applebee’s. The bartender announces the last call! They got upset and flipped over all the tables in the restaurant.

Thursday's Bonehead:

Lee County, FL: A man went to his local Bass Pro shop and…jumped into the fish tank! He was arrested.

Friday's Bonehead:

Rochester, New Hampshire: A woman was driving 90mph in a 50mph zone, a cop pulls her over and hands her a ticket, but didn’t arrest her…Less than 15 minutes later another state trooper busts her going 111mph! This time she was arrested for reckless driving.