After a 72-year-old woman was attacked by a bison at Yellowstone National Park this week, maybe it's a good time to learn how to avoid that.

Admittingly, I wanted to write this article all snarky like a typical "Top Five..." Buzzfeed post, but then my brain pumped the brakes. What if you really were to encounter a giant behemoth bison in the wild? How in the heck would you even handle that? Run? Flap your arms like a bird? Shoryuken uppercut from Street Fighter II? I literally have no idea.

Luckily, the internet exists where people are smarter than me, and here's what recommends you do to avoid injury or death vs a bison:

  • Keep your distance and give them right of way on a trail
  • Be patient, stay in your vehicle (if you have one handy)
  • Avoid making loud noises
  • Keep your pets quiet and under control, if at all possible
  • If a bison's tail goes up, s***'s about to go down

You can read all their tips here.

Also, I couldn't live with myself if I wrote a blog about bison, referenced Street Fighter II, and didn't do an M. Bison joke.

So, um, M. Bison.



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