Did you ever sit alone in the cafeteria when you were a kid? Sometimes it wasn't by choice, right? Maybe you were the new kid, or didn't quite fit in? I actually experienced that in college. I've NEVER had trouble making friends, but when I went to college it was a COMPLETE culture shock. I went weeks without sitting with anyone in the dining hall, or sometimes I would just take what I could sneak and head back to the dorm. It was AWFUL! If I had those feelings as an adult I can't imagine what it would be like as a kid.

This is why this story melts my heart. Two teenage girls at Eagle Middle School didn't want kids to feel excluded or have those awful feelings during such an (already) difficult time. So they embraced a student-led movement at their school. 'We Dine Together' was started by a student in Florida; it's all about creating an inclusive environment at school, especially during lunch time.

Emma Holtz and Autumn Stephenson of Eagle Middle have brought this program to life here in the Treasure Valley. Emma told KTVB, "I think that everybody needs to care for each other." Way to go, ladies!!

If you want more information on how to start a chapter at your school, CLICK HERE.