Let's mosey on down to the heart of Idaho, where cowboy hats aren't just a fashion statement but a proud emblem of our rich cultural heritage. In Idaho, cowboy hats are more than just a nod to our rodeo roots. They're a symbol of resilience, a badge of honor, and a downright stylish way to keep that blazing Idaho sun off your face.

But don't just grab any old hat. Oh no! There are rules to this game! For instance, we switch between straw and felt hats depending on the season. Straw for the warm summer months and felt when the calm winds start blowing. And remember, never, and I mean NEVER, place your hat on a bed. It's considered bad luck around these parts. Those aren't the only rules you need to know.

@tuckerbrownrab Cowboy hat rules are funny and sometimes taken way to seriously. In general terms, straw hats are worn when it’s hot, and felt hats are worn on very nice occasions or when it is cold what do you think? Bex Sunglassea DISCOUNT CODE is Brown20 #ranching #cowboyhat #cowboycode #cattle #farming #rules ♬ Thinkin’ Bout Me - Morgan Wallen

We've got 10 rules you should always follow when it comes to your cowboy hat. And who could forget the boots? If you're going all out with a cowboy hat, you might as well pair it up with some kickin' cowboy boots. Nothing screams Idaho louder than a cowboy hat-boot combo!

You might think that wearing a cowboy hat is as simple as plopping it on your head, but there's a code to follow! First off, let's talk about the indoors rule. As a sign of respect, it's customary to remove your hat when entering a public building or private residence (unless it's a bar or dance hall - then you're in the clear!). This tradition also extends to moments of reverence, like during prayer, church, indoor weddings, the National Anthem, and the passing of the flag.

10 Rules When It Comes To Wearing a Cowboy Hat In Idaho

I'm just out here having some fun, but some people need to know the rules.

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