For four years now, a group of volunteers have led the efforts to enhance their communities one project at a time. This year, volunteers with ‘I Heart Treasure Valley,’ will be expanding their services for a week throughout the Treasure Valley. According to KTVB,  the valley-wide community service outreach program started their efforts on Saturday by painting U.S. maps on schools, and completed some garden and beautification projects around the Valley.

Throughout the week, they have plans to complete 38 different project and hope to have nearly 1,000 volunteers to help. The director of ‘I Heart Treasure Valley,’ Mark Thornton told KTVB that they’re meeting needs that may otherwise not be met. So their goal is to continue to expand and complete volunteer-led projects around the Valley more than just one week a year. Thornton says the goal is to “engage the community to serve maybe once a quarter or once a month.”

Some other projects on the to-do list? More U.S. maps at schools, organizing a community Easter egg hunt, and even doing a mini home-makeover for a single mom of three in Caldwell. Below is a list of some of the projects with links to volunteer!

Egg Stuffing Party #1 - Tuesday, April 2

CLICK` HERE for the full list.

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