Oh boy... here we go, another virus to worry about in the Treasure Valley... The Ada Country Mosquito Abatement District -yes that's a real thing- found multiple mosquitoes that tested positive for the West Nile Virus. The tested insects were collected off Five Mile Road just off of Edna Street in Boise. They are going to search more of Ada County to find other mosquitoes caring the West Nile Virus and will use a special truck to treat areas where they are found to lessen the chances of it spreading to humans or animals.

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Here are a few things to do to lessen you and your families chances of contracting the virus. Some seem common sense but some are quite helpful:
-Do not keep standing water around if it can be helped, drain or dump it at least weekly if possible.

-Close screen doors and windows tightly to keep them from flying into your home

- Be cautious of water use and do not over water lawns and plants, it may not seem like much but they are attracted to ANY standing water or overly watered areas.

- Mosquitoes are most active in mornings and evenings, try to limit outdoor exposure during these times.

-If you do choose to spend lots of time outside, it is a good idea to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants.

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