I don't think jewelry will cut it this year for Christmas. If you really want to know what Idaho cowgirls want for Christmas you better keep scrolling!

I thought it would be fun to ask our listeners "what do Idaho cowgirls want for Christmas this year?"

If you're significant other is an Idaho cowgirl, I hope you've been saving up. Honestly, this applies to any cowgirl and what they want not only for Christmas but what they want any time of the year.

In the comments, I found some realistic wants, but some weren't. 

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As for realistic wants for Christmas, some are pretty expensive, but that doesn't mean it's can't happen right? Just takes some planning.

Others wanted concert announcements, which I appreciate. 

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I'm not saying that Jake Owen and Jon Pardi could never happen, but with them both being headliners it would take some work.

Then we Kristin who put together a festival for us. Which is a really solid lineup! 

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I think Dierks would be the headliner followed by Sam Hunt, Chase Rice, Cole Swindell, and Ingrid Andress. Boise Music Festival is something that is already being planned, maybe they will take this into consideration?

So... What do Idaho cowgirls want for Christmas? I went through the comments and put together a Christmas wish list. If you're struggling to find any ideas, I hope this list will help you. Some might need a little more planning, some might need a little more money, and some you probably will never get your hands on unless you get really creative.

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