Idaho welcomes back the Snake River Stampede this week. The rodeo is a sport that exemplifies the great values of our Western Culture. It's more than a sport; the rodeo is a celebration of American Values. This week in Nampa, you'll see people standing for the national anthem, celebrating their lord, and reinforcing what we all believe in, America is the greatest country in the world.

It's too bad some of our Olympic athletes don't share the patriotism and pride in America that our rodeo competitors do in Nampa. You won't see a bull rider saying that the American flag is not inclusive and redone. You won't see a Header put on a shirt and turn their back while the national anthem is played like that Olympic hammer thrower.

Our rodeo competitors reflect and reinforce our Western American values. I would urge our Olympic athletes to thank God for being born in our country that they're so blessed to represent. When's the last time an Olympic event focused on raising awareness for breast cancer, like Wednesday night's Stampede for the Cure night?

Wouldn't it be nice if our US Olympic trials reflected our national beliefs? Thursday night is Patriot Night at the Stampede. Is it asking too much that our woke athletes love America? It's too bad NBC is focusing much of their resources on the Olympics. Our country and the world would be a much better off place if our athletes shared just fifty percent of what we'll see this week at the Snake River Stampede. Giddy Up, Little Buddy!

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