Other than the Coronavirus, it’s the only thing that people are talking about on social media.  Murder Hornets have now been spotted in the United States, more specifically in nearby Washington state.  So, what is a Murder Hornet and how long will it take for them to get to Idaho?   

A Murder Hornet is an Asian hornet that goes after beehives and kills the bees.  Their stingers are so powerful that not only do they destroy beehives in a matter of hours but they are also deadly to humans.  In Japan, they kill about 50 humans per year.  Only a few have been spotted in Washington so experts are trying to get rid of them before they spread but most importantly before they hurt the bee population. 

No one knows how soon the hornets will reach the Idaho border but they are moving in this direction.  Not only have they been spotted in Washington but also in cities in Canada.  Hopefully they can be taken care of before they get here. 

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