The infamous murder hornets, really called Giant Asian Hornets, first hit the states in Washington earlier this year. They are HUGE and get their lovely nickname because they go in and demolish beehives. Luckily they have stayed primarily in Washington as experts hunt down and try to wipe the population out before they spread. Honey bees are already in danger of extinction and are incredibly essential.

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Lately some reports and pictures have been coming in from Idahoans who are nervous about large critters that may be murder hornets. Luckily from the reports and photos that have come in, so far none of them are the actual Giant Asian Hornets, just some big ol' wasps. From what Ive learned if you see one there wont be a question, you will know for sure what it is. Not only are they about an inch and a half but they are super beefy, fat, thick, even hulk like. They also prefer wetter climates and while the treasure valley qualifies for somewhere they would like to be, they would have to go through a lot of dry rough climate (for them) to get all the way to us.

Credit: Washington State Dept. of Agriculture
Credit: Washington State Dept. of Agriculture


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