Let's hope it's not ketchup.

Ready for the understatement of the year? This pandemic has been hard on all of us. Our health, our wellbeing, our finances, etc. have all been effected by this coronavirus mess. It has even effected our ability to get the items that we need. We've seen several shortages on products throughout the last year, most notably toilet paper.

Boy, that was a mess, wasn't it?

The latest item to be in high demand and short supply is ketchup packets. According to the Wall Street Journal, it hasn't been easy for restaurants to get their hands on this popular condiment. The publication says that due to the demand, the price of these packets has gone up. They reported one restaurant chain, Long John Silvers, had spent $500,000 on packets in the last year.

That's half a million dollars.

Perhaps Idaho could be spared the brunt of this shortage due to the fact that ketchup is not our favorite condiment. Thrillist published the results of a survey revealing each state's favorite sauce. Our favorite condiment is actually Ranch dip.

Now, I'm sure you have lots of uses for Ranch dip when it comes to dipping veggies or potato chips. However, it's not always a readily available option in the drive thru. But it would be delicious on French fries nonetheless.

All in all, as with any other shortage out there, don't buy ketchup packets if you don't need them. In this case, when you're in the drive-thru don't request them or just decline them when offered. Besides, you probably have half a dozen in your center console anyway.

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