I keep hearing about this eclipse that's headed our way. Guess it's supposed to be a big deal? Listen...when our friends in Arco start celebrating...it IS a big deal!

Arco, Idaho - somewhere in between Craters of The Moon National Monument and the INEEL (Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory), is almost directly UNDER the path of the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st.

This could be one of the most advantageous places to see the eclipse. So the city and residents of Arco (995 at last census) have decided to throw one HECK of an Eclipse Party, and you're invited!

Taking their city name, Arco, and turning it into an acronym (Arco's Rockin' Country Outdoors) they have 4 days and 3 nights of crazy fun planned to celebrate the solar eclipse (the nickname Acrostock comes to mind).

$100 gets you a camping spot and access to concerts, vendor booths, and the experience of being almost directly under the solar eclipse.

If you've been wondering where to go to watch and be part of the action...Arco just might be the place!

Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!

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