Our Boise Hawks were flying high for a while, but recently haven't had much luck.

The Hawks are tying to break out of an eight game losing streak. The pattern seems to be the same in the past few games. They look great at the start of the game. They play good defense, and they put points on the board, but for some reason, the momentum shifts in the last couple of innings and their opponents manage to have big innings.

Hillsboro did it again last night at Hawks Memorial stadium, scoring 4 runs in the 7th inning to win the game 6-1...and give the Hawks their 8th loss in a row.

The Hawks are at home the next 4 nights, and they need your support! They play Hillsboro again tonight, and then the Volcanoes of Salem-Keizer are back in town through Sunday.

The Hawks always have great family entertainment, and it's a fun night out. So take advantage of it! Get some tickets...support the Hawks...and let's get them back in the win column!

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