If you’re like me, you instantly thought of a city in the Treasure Valley.

I’ve seen so many “best of” lists that featured cities like Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, and more in the Treasure Valley for a variety of reasons, but there’s a new list that claims otherwise.

Stacker is claiming that there's another city that is the BEST place to live in Idaho.

And that city is Moscow :)

The team at Stacker "compiled a list of the best places to live in every state using Niche’s 2020 rankings. Niche ranks places to live based on many factors, including the cost of living, educational attainment, housing, and public schools.”

So, what did they say about Moscow?

Photo by Andrew Lang on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Lang on Unsplash

“Sharing the border with Washington State, Moscow began attracting settlers around 1871 for its lush grasslands and large amount of timber. The town is home to a weekend farmers market, the University of Idaho, and the paved Latah Trail connecting Moscow and Troy for joggers and cyclists.”

And hey ... with a Population of 25,319, Median Home Value of $229,900, Median Rent of $731, and Median Household Income of $41, 896—Moscow isn’t seeming so bad—I’m looking at these numbers thinking, “$731 for rent?! Sign me up!”

The average rent in the Boise area is literally double that number.

Moscow seems like a very affordable and fun place to live, and maybe you still get the small-town vibe?

Though it might be growing, it’s probably not growing like Boise is.

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