Unless you've been under a rock the past few weeks, you've heard us talking about Granger Smith, featuring Earl Dibbles, Jr. Maybe you've asked yourself...who IS Earl Dibbles, Jr, and why do I care?
Earl Dibbles, Jr. could quite possibly be the most popular artist to play at the Boise Music Festival this Saturday. Earl Dibbles, Jr. is the epitome of Idaho, America ('Merica!), and everything red, white and blue.

He's the alter ego of Granger Smith, and is almost the reason Granger Smith...IS...Granger Smith! When you go to the Boise Music Festival this Saturday, make sure you're there when Granger takes the stage (probably right around 6:30pm), and then wait...because at some point in the show, Granger makes way and Earl Dibbles, Jr. takes over.

Earl Dibbles, Jr. fans are loyal. They're rabid. They love their chew. They love their cold ones. They love their country....'MERICA!

Whether you are a country fan or not, you can't help get caught up in the Earl Dibbles, Jr. fever, and we think it will be spreading like the plague this coming Saturday evening on the Commerical Tire Main Stage at the Boise Music Festival.

So get your tickets, and get ready to shout "YEE-YEE!" with the rest of us! See you Saturday!

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