Sadly we are living in a world of conflicting health narratives. Medical providers Saint Alphonsus and Primary Health recently announced that they would be closing certain facilities due to the Omicron variant and the lack of available workers.  

What wasn't reported was how many workers were let go because of the vaccination or termination mandate instituted by all Idaho medical providers? We had several reports of 'traveling nurses' flown in to help local hospital staff overwhelmed.  

Back to my point about conflicting narratives, the band 'Tool' played at the Ford Idaho Center on Thursday night. Can you social distance at a Tool concert? Wear a mask? Not scream or sing the words to your favorite song?

Meanwhile, KTVB is reporting that the state could be returning to the Crisis Standards of Care. You know the provision that allows medical personnel to deny you medical attention because the facility is overrun.  

Boise Hospital Workers Prostesters

Thousands gather at Saint Alphonsus in Boise

The Omicron is spreading while our elected officials continue to fiddle while Rome burns. No one wants a shutdown or attendance-limited events, but how can you argue that we ignore a health crisis that could be avoided?   

It appears that no one wants to be the bad guy in our continually evolving health crisis. How can the public take the Omicron seriously when they're cranking out the Tool hits at the Idaho Center? Or when hospitals cannot adequately treat patients? Perhaps the lack of oversite due to 2022 being an election year. The public good takes a back seat to big money and politicians' reelection.  

Saint Luke's Protest in Meridian

If I'm wrong, then shouldn't all the politicians that declared lockdowns publically declare their actions two years ago be mistaken? I'm creating my narrative with that statement, although could the schools be the next to close?  

Saint Luke's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jim Souza summarized our current situation to KTVB, "If you ask me to do an over/under on it, I'd say the odds are more probable than not," Souza said. "Because of our learned experience so far, we know in every wave there's been a spike in cases, two weeks later hospitalizations, two weeks later deaths."

Will anyone outside of the outmanned healthcare providers step up? Or are we back to truly living in the wild West where we're all on our own?

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