It's time to make this illegal in Idaho. My wife will be so mad that I'm even bringing this up because she's the biggest culprit I know. So you can expect me to be in the dog house after this one. She gets so mad when I don't do this, and it becomes a thing every single time. 

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This month, I was almost hit by several cars that think they can do whatever they want regarding a parking lot, including driving through unoccupied parking spots. The pull-through method needs to end not only in Idaho but across the nation. Just because you're in a hurry and don't want to back up doesn't mean that I should be the recipient of you pulling forward through parking stalls and not being able to see me. 

It's not just annoying for people in their cars. What about the pedestrian walking and doesn't expect a vehicle from the other side of the parking aisle to shoot through? Especially when the parking lot is busy, and you want to avoid the chaos. The same people who don't put their shopping cart in the cart corral are those who pull through to park. 

Here's another biggie, what happens when someone pulls into the parking spot the correct way while someone is pulling through? 

That's called a head-on collision; nobody wants to deal with that. The money, time, and hassle it takes after something happens can be avoided by parking in the spot you initially pulled into. 

It's time to make pulling through to park illegal in Idaho. 

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