Bad parking lots will test you! Bad parking lots will test your patience, and bad parking lots will test every inch of your body not to freak out! There are places in Boise and the Treasure Valley that I will not go to because of the parking situation. For some, there's no avoiding the terrible parking lots.


What makes it a lousy parking lot? 

Bad pavement, potholes, cracks, poor lighting, or they are just way too small! That has been my experience. They're just way too small. So on a Facebook post, I asked, "Where are the WORST PARKING LOTS in the Treasure Valley?" 

No one mentioned one parking lot, which frustrates me. It's the parking lot for Orangetheory on Parkcenter Blvd. The rest of the shopping center parking is fine, but a handful of spots just outside of Orangetheory feel like they are made specifically for Mini Coopers. The parking spaces are so small, and they don't say "compact."

Google maps/Canva

This picture is the parking lot I'm talking about, and as I've pointed out, no one knows what to do when parking here. We all know these spots are absurd, but there's this unwritten rule of doing your best to ensure others can park around you.

Where are the worst parking lots in the Treasure Valley? 

I'm sure several come to mind, but the five worst parking lots in the Treasure Valley are below. When that question was posted on Facebook, some parking lots didn't make it, but here are some comments.

  • "The Western Idaho Fair Grounds/Expo Parking lot makes no sense."
  • "Payettes Albertsons."
  • "The original Boise Co-op parking lot sucks."
  • "Chic-Fil-A Eagle Road."
  • "Nampa Costco! That thing is tricky to pull out of with how the traffic lights on both ends of the marketplace release cars!"

The 5 Worst Parking Lots In The Treasure Valley

I posted the question on Facebook, asking, "What are the worst parking lots in the Treasure Valley?" Here are the top comments.

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