Hopefully, you didn't commute right through the heart of downtown Boise last night because all the streets were backed up and at a standstill and it all came down to one little crash.  Well, I guess it wasn't so little.

It's not often you see vehicles completely roll over in these areas because most vehicles can't get up enough speed to do so.  This is the kind of accident we're seeing on highways and freeways where speeds generally get up to 80 or 90 miles per hour.

KTVB reported that this rollover accident took place last night around 5:30.  It was at the intersection of Myrtle Street and 3rd Street in downtown Boise and when you have a vehicle flipped completely over onto its top, in the middle of a major downtown street, you know there are going to be a lot of lanes shut down while authorities clean up the mess and that's exactly what happened.  Three lanes were shut down which started a chain reaction of traffic backups and messes throughout the entire downtown Boise area.

What exactly happened in the crash, we don't know but it looks as if a pickup truck was also involved with the car that flipped over.  We also don't know the condition of the driver or passengers in either vehicle.  Hopefully, everyone is o.k.  The accident was cleared and all lanes were open and running smoothly by 7 p.m.

Credit: David Schmitt
Credit: David Schmitt

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