People are talking about one of the all-time biggest A-List movie stars on the planet here in Boise because rumor has it, he was in Boise.  Yes, a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio is floating around the "Inter Web" right now or at least that's who people are saying it is.

We want the truth.  Is this Leonardo DiCaprio or is this a look-a-like we have here in the Treasure Valley?  Which concert is this and look around at the people next to him.  Do you know anyone in this picture?

Credit: Jerod Harris / Getty Images
Credit: Jerod Harris / Getty Images

If it is Leo... Holy Frickin' Moly!  Why the heck is he in Boise?  The guy buys homes in just about every state across America, maybe he's looking for a nice little getaway shack here in the Treasure Valley.  We've had a lot of big stars travel through here that say Boise is like heaven on earth.  Why not Leo.

Any and all information would be helpful.  You can email Rick and Carly at or call us at 208-338-1043.  We'll keep you posted on updates as they come in.

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