Every once in a while, when you do a little desk reorganizing you think about the decor. What can you do or add to make you more productive or put you in a better mood? The answer could be a simple little plant.

According to Yahoo, a new study shows that plants could actually lower your anxiety level. The study published by the American Society Horticultural Science, compared people's heart rates while at their desk with and without a plant. The scientists found that their "pulse rate lowered significantly" once some plants were introduced to their space.

The interesting thing about the study is that even if participants didn't intentionally look at the plant, their degree of stress reduced. If they gazed at it, those levels decreased even more.

They say a reason for this is that when you "buy a plant and care for it, we start to form a relationship with the plant, which can prompt a degree of affection and lower stress even more."

So if you're feeling bummed about going back to work on a three-day weekend, a nice little plant on your desk can do just the trick.

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