I don't know if this falls under the category of road rage, assault, or just somebody completely losing their minds but this is the craziest story ever and it happened right here in Nampa.

Motive is uncertain at this time but we do know a 67-year-old woman flagger who was doing her job at the intersection of Kings and Victory Roads in Nampa was punched in the face and then the man grabbed her while he drove off, dragging her.

This happened at approximately 11:30 a.m. Wednesday morning and police are looking for anyone and everyone's help in finding the suspect.  He's been described as a young, black male, approximately 28-30 years old, driving a silver Mustang convertible with a black top.  The vehicle has tinted windows and witnesses so far have only been able to report part of the license plate 2CM which means it's most likely a Canyon County license plate.

Nampa Police are urging anyone that has information to call 208-468-5680.  You can also leave tips on the Nampa Police Department facebook page.

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