She was found dead outside the sugar beet factory in April and now she has a name.

52-year-old Joanne Devore left a local hospital against medical advice on April 15th. There is no word as to why she was in the hospital or why she was advised not to leave, but nine days later she was found lying face down at the edge of a berm near West Karcher Road and Northside Boulevard.

The coroner's office has concluded Joanne likely died from exposure between April 15th and 16th but her body wasn't found until April 24th.

According to an article on, the case was originally being looked at as a homicide, but now investigators say they don't believe there was any foul play involved.

One crazy element of this story is that no one seems to know Joanne. It breaks my heart to think this woman who died all alone has no one to claim her, to give her a proper burial, and to mourn her. The circumstances surrounding her death are equally heartbreaking. I can't help but think about how much suffering a person must go through before they die of the elements.

If you do have any information on Joanne Devore, you are being asked to contact the Canyon County Coroner's Office at (208) 454-7350.

Let's come together and help this poor woman rest in peace.