This one's right up there with that lady who ran across the freeway at the connector towards downtown Boise a few months back, got hit and killed.  We never did hear why she was running across the freeway.  Theories ranged from suicide to her running from something so terrifying she was willing to die to get away from it.

Why 33-year-old Maribel Villeda jumped out of a moving vehicle that SHE was driving on I-84 this morning at about 12:48 close to Jerome, Idaho when a huge semi truck was right behind her is beyond me.  Nobody knows.

According to KTVB, Villeda did have a passenger in her vehicle and I'm betting this crazy leap of faith or death or whatever you want to call it most likely had something to do with this guy.  Maybe they were in an argument, maybe she was scared of this guy, maybe she was just flat out crazy.  I don't know.  I don't even know if this guy was supposed to be in the vehicle.  Did she know him?

His name is Aguilar-Romero Cruz Lorenzo.  He's 26-years-old and he's from Mexico.  Now I don't want to put him on blast if none of this was his fault.  We simply have no idea at this point.  We do know that Villeda jumping caused a horrible accident.  The semi truck right behind her had to frantically swerve to avoid running over her, causing the semi to ram into Villeda's vehicle smashing it forward where it eventually stopped there on I-84.  The semi came to a stop on the median of I-84.

Shockingly, nobody died and Villeda was the only one transported to the hospital.  She was taken to St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls.  Authorities are currently investigating, trying to figure out what possibly could've happened.  Both the passenger of Villeda's vehicle and the driver of the semi were not harmed.  The freeway was blocked off for approximately four hours.

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