Have you ever just wished you could do a complete 180 with your life? We're not just talking a career change, we're talking about a full overhaul of your current everything. Career, relationships, home, lifestyle and mindset. A 26 year old woman from Wisconsin had a steady well paying job and a long term boyfriend of 5 years and left it all behind to explore Idaho and Utah's wilderness with her dog.

This remarkable and awe worthy woman, Linnea Schmelzer wanted more, and by more we mean less. According to the Daily Mail Linnea originally spent about $20,000 on the van that her and her German Shepherd, Akela live in. Before the grand journey she also spent $7,500 transforming the van into a beautiful and tiny home-on-wheels. She named the van Togo. Linnea Akela and Togo have been inseparable adventurers ever since she pulled away from her previous home and life in Wisconsin. While Togo is cute and comfy it has no running water or toilet. Hard core Linnea says she's perfectly happy with out those luxuries. She heats up nearby water for an outdoor showing tent she has and used public toilets or the great outdoors when nature calls.

Linnea did have some good experience with the outdoors and knows a thing or two about survival in the wilderness. She previously worked as a field instructor for a wilderness therapy company. She has since launched her own online health business. She uses a hotspot on her cell for internet.

She said that she has learned a lot about herself and wouldn't change her pup being her companion for anything. She also says that moving into the van has allowed her pursue her passion for travel and spending time in nature. Linnea also said she is often at peace which she didn't experience the same way before.

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Linnea has released a 'Get Fit Anywhere' guide with detailed workouts she does while on the move, along with 10 of her favorite go-to recipes.

Here is a video from her van rebuild:

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