Ah yes, the Boise Geenbelt. This city has a lot to be proud of and this gorgeous greenbelt is one near the top of the list. It is spectacular. It celebrated 50 years in 2019. Click here to check out more from the celebration plus a 1970s video when it was being pitched to lawmakers. I feel very fortunate because from the WOW studio I can walk just across the parking lot and boom, there it is. I have enjoyed many, many walks with friends, family and solo on this beautiful natural pathway. The entire belt stretches for 25 miles. Click here to check out an extensive map. I have yet to get all of those miles visited but hope to get all sections covered this summer. Here are some of the best stops along the way that I have found so far. These are all within a 5 mile radius of the greenbelt right in downtown:

Zoo Boise - Walking along the belt, my son Titus and I have made friends with the giraffes many times. Their outdoor habitat backs right up to the greenbelt and you can say hello. Walk right around the corner and you are in the Zoo Boise entrance. Speaking of Zoo Boise they have an upcoming Country Concert Fundraiser, check that out here.

Anne Frank Memorial - So beautiful and peaceful. If you are having a bad day the positive quotes and landscape will set you right. Unforutunaly months back the Anne Frank Memorial was vandalized, on the bright side the community came together in a big way to show a support of love. See more about that here.

Julia Davis Park - A massive park that stretches along a good chunk of the greenbelt in downtown. It has many places to explore including a playground, pond, courts and lots of grassy areas. It is also home to a rose garden. If you love roses, this is your sanctuary stop.

Morrison Knudsen Nature Park - This is one of me and my son's favorites. It is rarely busy and a great place to unwind, explore, watch the fish through glass and even see the 'dinosaur fish' (sturgeon).

If you are looking to duck inside during your Greenbelt travels there are a ton of great stops including Boise Art Museum, Idaho State Historical Museum, and The Discovery Center of Idaho are all within about a mile of each other.


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