Do you even know what an Alpaca is?

Alpacas are indigenously in South America and are members of the Camelid family. They were first imported to the United State in 1984.

Have you ever wanted to stay at an Alpaca farm?

Maybe, maybe not. Either way, when driving by an Alpaca farm it's always a head turner! They are just so fun to watch and interesting to be around when you get to experience them.

If you didn't know there's an Alpaca farm in northern Idaho just north of Moscow.

Grazing Hills Ranch is located in the hills of Palouse. 

The start of their journey is such a great story "It began in 1993 when alpacas were featured on the Today Show. Joyce Gray had to have one. One turned into ten, and today we are almost to fifty! We were the second alpaca farm in Idaho. Now there are many farms scattered throughout the state and even more dot the other 49 states."


"Joyce Gray was my "Nana" (grandmother) and she had the vision to make this farm something amazing and different. She convinced my parents, Paul and Connie, to also become alpaca farmers and join in the adventure about a year later. I was just 7 years old when Nana bought the first one, Remy. I was hooked on these adorable critters and still am today."

Want to purchase an Alpaca?

You can do that through Grazing Hills Ranch. You can also Rent-a-womb.


Grazing Hills Ranch also has a place to stay!

It's a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment in the Alpaca barn. Don't worry it's not like your neighbors with the Alpacas, but you are. The Airbnb has everything you're going to need for your stay. Microwave, coffee maker, fridge, and cold breakfast are provided.

The Airbnb will sleep two people with a queen sized bed, with private access so you can come and go as you please.

With over 60 Alpacas and other farm animals, this would be a fun stay for any Alpaca and animal lover.

Disclaimer: "PLEASE ALSO NOTE: This is a working farm that operates typically from 8-6. with animals, farm hands, flies, and smells. All part of the experience out here! There are people working on and around the farm (feeding animals, cleaning stalls, etc) throughout the day." 

Sign me up!


Grazing Hills Ranch Alpaca Farm - Airbnb

Enjoy the rolling hills of Palouse in Northern Idaho, near restaurants, local businesses, and things to do. All while you enjoy waking up with Alpacas and other fun farm animals.

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