Better check this list before you decide on a career! According to one report, several jobs may not be around much longer! Yikes!

With technology changing and affecting all of our lives, some professions are just kind of fading away with the times. It's nothing new. Through the years jobs have always been created on the needs and demands of society. As things change and improve, those jobs become at risk.

Here are 5 jobs that Kiplinger says may not be around much longer, and are not great career choices:

  • PHOTO PROCESSOR: Digital cameras have changed the whole world of photography and not many people shoot with film any more.
  • FLORAL DESIGNER: It's too easy now to get fresh cut flowers already in arrangements at grocery stores, box stores and other places more convenient than the local flower shop.
  • FURNITURE FINISHER: In this era of instant gratification, new furniture is readily available and easily obtained. Sell it...donate new.
  • LEGISLATOR: This is an ugly time to go into politics. No further explanation needed.
  • RADIO and TV ANNOUNCER: This one hurts. Big companies have consolidated many stations and reduced staffs on the local levels. Syndication has replaced many local shows.

There are more careers that may be in danger of becoming obsolete.

Source: Kiplinger

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