It's like something out of a Terminator movie, but this is a very real thing happening in the U.S. right now.

2018. The year where our smart speakers are spying on us, self-driving cars are crashing into everything, and now robots are serving us our food. And we're not talking about a simple vending machine.



Spyce, a restaurant in Boston, has a kitchen that is fully-automated by robots preparing your food. Some say it's a great way to expedite your dining experience, while others worry that robotic cooks will be taking away thousands of jobs.



For me, I think the ultimate result would be home versions of these robots. This author is not a good cook, and I would pay a premium to have robo-chefs make all my meals.

So, would you eat at a restaurant where robots are preparing your food? Could you trust an android to properly cook stuff that you're going to be ingesting? Let us know on Facebook.

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