I used to live in San Francisco, and seeing boots on car tires was a regular thing. You could imagine it's much easier than towing cars along those tiny streets. Here in Idaho we see quite a bit of cars getting towed out of parking lots and downtown streets, but what if we were to see those car boots on cars soon?

According to KTVB, Senate Pro Tem Brent Hill introduced a bill on Thursday to "clarify the legality of the procedure." The good thing about booting compared to towing is that it's a less "invasive procedure with less risk for damage." Cities and "other local entities" will be able to make their own rules on booting, having boots removed, and wether or not they would allow the booting to be done by contracted businesses.

Apparently students at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg aren't too fond of booting, understandably, so how would you feel if you saw one of those suckers on your car?!?!