There are three places you might see Zach Bryan when he comes to Boise.

Zach Bryans's arrival in Boise has generated a buzz throughout the Treasure Valley. It will be a sold-out show at Ford Idaho Center Amphitheater on August 17th. The Oklahoma singer's unique blend of folk, country, and Americana resonates with a diverse audience, making his upcoming performance in Nampa a highly anticipated event. We've narrowed it down to three places where you might have a chance to see Zach Bryan when he makes his stop in the Treasure Valley.

The Ford Idaho Center Amphitheater:

Ford Idaho Center
Ford Idaho Center

You might see him at the Ford Idaho Center Amphitheater if you can find a ticket to purchase or already have a ticket to the show. Zach Bryan and his have done an amazing job making sure that scalpers have a very difficult time getting tickets to sell. His tour almost sold out as fast as he announced it. Now, if you have tickets, then there is a 100% chance of you seeing Zach Bryan when he comes to Boise. If you don't have tickets, don't worry, there are two more opportunities.

The Dog Park:

Celebrating his dog's recent birthday, Zach has a two-year-old chocolate lab. From what we've seen on his Instagram is that his dog Jack (named after Jack Daniels) travels with him all over the road. Which dog park would Zach take Jack to? Well, if that does happen, only time will tell.


The Pool Hall:

Papa J./Yelp
Papa J./Yelp

Zach enjoys playing pool. If you follow him on Twitter (now called X), you've seen him post about his travels, and it will usually include a picture of a pool table. He's even referenced playing pool in his song "Greatest Day of My Life."

“I had the greatest day of my life,
wrote up a single in a New York high-rise,
how the city makes a country boy dream,
played pool in Colorado after snow all night,
it rained in Carolina, but we played just fine, Charles is always better than last week."

That, of course, was the night that he made his Red Rocks debut in Colorado, and it just dumped snow.

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