Moving here to the beautiful state of Idaho has had so many ups, and yes, some downs as well.  Leaving Salt Lake City where I've raised my five beautiful kids has been tough.  Two of my daughters are married now, one pregnant, the other two are starting college this summer and we, as a family, have made the difficult decision to have my wife and kids stay in Salt Lake for the year to help get my daughter Ireland through her senior year of High School.


This has led to some lonely nights here in Boise for me.  We see each other almost every weekend but it's those week days and nights that seem so different to me.  No noise.  No arguing.  No laughter, loud talking, tv watching, question asking... you know.  And I miss it!


Not being there every second of every day for my 12 year old son, Brode has been the toughest.  We talk on the phone every night but, I think that bores him.  He's turned into a pretty good little basketball player and I'd give anything to show him a thing or two after school every day, take him to the movies, talk guy stuff, goof off, whatever.  He's my only son and I'm dying inside, missing part of him growing up.


This song "You Should Be Here" from Cole Swindell gets me everytime.  I know the original meaning is different than how I see it, but that's what's so great about music.  You can make it whatever you want.



I love living in Boise.  I wouldn't choose anywhere else.  And I can't wait to bring my family here and see how much they fall in love with this great city as well.  In the meantime, those words... "You Should Be Here" keep running through me.  And I miss Brode more than ever!