It is National Camping Month! Idahoans are thrilled! It has to be the best month of the year. If you like to go camping you probably already know some if not all of these "hacks" but if you don't hopefully they can help you out on your next trip.

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Rent Your Own Private Island in Idaho

  • 1

    Burn sage in the campfire

    If you burn sage in the campfire it helps keep mosquitoes away! Not to mention we have lots of sage around these parts and I think it smells pretty good. Anything for less mosquitoes too, that is always a plus.

  • 2

    Veggie Peel your soap

    If you take a vegetable peeler to your soap and get little shavings of it, you get one time use soap. You don't have to carry a big bulky bar of soap around. You shave some off, put it in a plastic bag and bam, done.

  • 3

    Embrace duct tape

    Duct tape can be used for so many things. You would be surprised how useful it can be from helping cover wounds, patching holes in tents or even using it as a make shift cast if something goes wrong. Keep it on you.

  • 4

    Pack some spices in Tic Tac container

    If you can get ahold of some tic tac containers they are a great way to hold spices and bring them along with you. Just label them with a marker and bring a bunch of different flavors with you.

  • 5

    Freeze your drinking water

    Not all of it, but if you are bringing bottles of drinking water with you, freeze it and it will keep your cooler cold. Keep some thawed for when you need a bottle and take one out to thaw when you are on your last two bottles so they can thaw. Save space and weight not using ice.

  • 6

    Mini first aid kit

    Use an old prescription bottle to carry around mini first aid kits. Of course you should always have a full size first aid kit with you, but with a mini one you can carry it in your pocket and you can bandage up some scratches or get relief from some aches and pains.

  • 7

    Tin foil

    Embrace the tin foil. Bring it with you no matter what. You can cook pretty much anything over and open fire and tin foil.

  • 8

    Pre-made fire starter

    Take a cardboard only egg carton, put charcoal in each egg holder and use it as a fire started for your camp. No need to go around and look for a bunch of kindling.

  • 9

    Pre-made scramble

    Take a jug like an old milk jug or orange juice jug, crack some eggs in it, cut up some ham or already cooked bacon or sausage, shake it up and you have breakfast for the morning. Bring a scramble and you can feed everyone.

  • 10

    Baby wipes

    We don't go anywhere without baby wipes. They are great to wash your hands, a quick "shower", clean your face, whatever. Helps make you feel a little cleaner in the woods too.

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