I'm going on my third year in Boise, Idaho and PROUD doesn't even to begin the conversation when talking about those people born and raised or those who've lived here so long we just consider them part of the Boise family.  So how do you know if you're from Boise?

  1. When someone yells B.S. it's always followed by a "U".
  2. You never... and I mean never say Boizzzzzee.  Boise has an "S"... get it right.
  3. Honking is only appropriate if someone is about to die or to help get the geese downtown headed in the right direction.
  4. Fry Sauce is a delicacy.
  5. Fries, Taters or anything that has to do with potatoes is also a delicacy.
  6. Climbing Table Rock is pretty much the same as Mt. Everest.
  7. Floating the Boise River is considered Class 5 rapids.
  8. The Green Belt is not what your father used to discipline.
  9. Upper class eat at Big Jud's.
  10. Top five computer passwords are... Bronco, Broncos, BSU, Boise, & Boise State.

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