Information keeps coming in on this updating story of a 10-year-old boy and his family who were attacked by what's not known yet as a grizzly or black bear.  Actually, it was just the boy attacked.  He was walking with three other members of his family when the bear came charging out of the bushes, jumped on the boy and attacked.

According to KTVB, know the boy and his family are from somewhere in the state of Washington.  The four of them were hiking on a trail just southeast of Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park.  While we don't know the extent or how serious the boy's injuries are we do know that he's being treated for puncture wounds to his back, wounds around his buttocks and an injured wrist.  The family quickly scared the bear off with bear spray but the damage was done.  This is the first bear attack in Yellowstone since 2015.  We'll keep you posted as more information comes in and we're all hoping and praying that this little guy's going to be o.k.

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